Phonak  Hearing Aids


Virto B-Titanium

By incorporating a high-tech material for Virto B-Titanium, we’ve created hearing aids that reflect our passion for innovation and ingenious engineering design. This new Phonak IIC combines performance, functionality, and aesthetics. With a significantly thinner shell and 60% smaller electronic components, we are able to reduce the size of Virto B-Titanium by up to 26% compared to its predecessor. With more space available inside the hearing aid, a larger vent can be integrated, reducing occlusion for more listening comfort. Alternatively more space allows for the integration of a superpower receiver, resulting in an impressive 60% fit rate for IIC devices.

Phonak Sky™ B

Phonak Sky™ B offers a range of hearing aids for mild to profound hearing loss that are specifically designed to be easy to use and to keep up with even the most active kids and teens. Sky B hearing aids are robust, water and dust resistant, and can be made tamper proof for increased safety. Patients can choose from 14 Mix & Match colors for the ultimate in personalization.  

Audéo™ B

Phonak Audéo™ B hearing aids were created to simplify your life and make hearing effortless. What makes Audéo™ B so special is its unique operating system called AutoSense OS™. It senses your surroundings and adjusts your hearing aids every step of the way. All you have to do is turn them on, and the rest is automatic.

With the rechargeable Audéo™ B-R, you can now enjoy a full day of hearing with unlimited streaming Finally, a chance to free yourself from the hassles of disposable batteries with a groundbreaking built-in lithium-ion battery technology. And because it’s a Phonak, you can always be assured of superior hearing performance.

Featuring cutting-edge technology, the Audéo™ B Direct hearing aids allow you to connect directly to any Bluetooth® phone. It doesn't matter if you use Android®, iOS®, or any other cell phone. Just pair your hearing aid and take the call! 







CROS B features state-of-the-art Phonak Belong technology. It’s the latest generation chip which makes hearing easier than ever before and brings endless possibilities. CROS B automatically detects what listening situation you are in and switches to the best possible setting. You’ll forget you’re wearing it. It can zoom in on the voice in front of you for better speech understanding. Whether you are in a restaurant, on a busy street or simply having a one-on-one chat, with CROS B, you will immediately feel included in a conversation, regardless of the situation. No more having to position yourself so that everyone sits on your good side



Phonak Naída™ B

Phonak Naída B, the 5th generation of the world’s most trusted power hearing aid, has been developed for the broad diversity of severe to profound hearing losses. Naída B utilizes dedicated features such as Binaural VoiceStream Technology™ for improved speech understanding and SoundRecover2 for more audibility of high frequency sounds.



Phonak VirtoTM B

Phonak Virto B is the world’s first hearing aid to feature Biometric Calibration technology, engineered to provide you access to better hearing performance, customized specifically for you.

Virto B is the ideal solution for those whom prefer the best hearing performance and a cosmetically attractive custom made hearing solution.


Phonak Bolero™ B

From the world’s leading provider of life-changing hearing solutions comes the new Bolero B product line with innovative technologies that make hearing effortless. Phonak Bolero B-PR features a specifically designed built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery that provides a full day of hearing with unlimited streaming. Bolero B comes in 4 models, 4 performance levels and 9 colors to suit your individual needs.